Economic Development

The Bridgeport Economic Development Corporation (Bridgeport EDC) is Bridgeport’s lead agency for coordinating economic assistance and incentive agreements for the business community seeking to expand and/or relocate operations to Bridgeport. The Bridgeport EDC administers the "4A" sales tax as its primary funding source.

The Bridgeport EDC aggressively encourages the entrepreneurial spirit and pursues economic development, through “4A” eligible projects, with incentive packages that can include economic development grants, infrastructure participation, equipment purchases, relocation expenses, employee training, interest buy-downs, etc.

For additional information, please visit the Bridgeport EDC website

Helpful Resources

If you are interested in starting, relocating, or expanding your business in Bridgeport, Texas, then you are in the right place. We hope you’ll use this website as a way to find the most critical information for your site selection process. Information includes:

We will be adding information on topics including, but not limited to, infrastructure, commercial/industrial sites, available building information, entertainment, healthcare, transportation, press releases, agendas, incentives, and GIS mapping.

Additional Information

Do you have more questions about economic development in Bridgeport? For personal assistance, contact the Bridgeport EDC at (940) 683-2185 to discuss the potential for your business in Bridgeport. Thank you for your interest, and again, welcome to Bridgeport!