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Fire Marshal | Wise County, TX

Texas Commission on Fire Protection

The mission of the Texas Commission on Fire Protection is to aid in the protection of lives and property of Texas citizens through the development and enforcement of recognized professional standards for individuals and the fire service. The commission's authority is defined by TX Gov't Code Chapter 419. The commission's strategic plan includes two major goals: Fire Protection Resource Library and Injury Report. The agency fulfills its second goal through three program areas by enforcing statewide fire service standards: Certification, Training and Testing and Compliance

State Firefighters' and Fire Marshals' Association of Texas

Organized in 1876, SFFMA is Texas’ oldest and largest fire association serving the fire and emergency service responders of Texas and beyond. SFFMA has the support of over 1,200 fire departments, 22,000 individual members, 80 industrial fire brigades, EMS, and international departments. The association is highly active in legislative efforts affecting the fire service in Texas and has successfully passed legislation that significantly affects Texas emergency service responders. 


1.       What are the requirements to join the Bridgeport Fire Department?

2.       Why are fire trucks used to block lanes on the highway when there is an emergency?

3.       Does the Fire Department fill private pools with water?

4.       When I am driving, and I am approached by an emergency vehicle, what should I do?

5.       How do I check my smoke detector?

6.       How do I refill my fire extinguisher, and what is the best kind for my home?

How do I apply to join the Bridgeport Volunteer Fire Department?

Click the link below to apply! 

Bridgeport Volunteer Fire Department Application