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Bridgeport Volunteer Fire Department Application

  1. Application for Membership
  2. Do you have any existing medical conditions that will hinder your ability to perform the duties required of you?*
  3. Will your place of employment allow you to leave work for emergency responses?*
  4. Will you be able to attend department meetings and drills regularly*
  5. Are you willing to respond to all calls, any time day or night when possible?
  6. Are you willing to participate in all efforts sponsored or benefiting the department?*
  7. By signing this application i am agreeing to adhere to the rules and regulations of this department. I understand that as a member i am required to respond to as many calls, meetings, and training drills as possible. I also understand that by not meeting the minimum standard set forth by the Department, I am subject to reduction in status or termination, I also understand and agree that if i am found in violation of any State or Federal Law or Department rule that disciplinary action shall be taken and membership status could be revoked.
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