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Public Information Request for Police

  1. By submission of this document, I am requesting the information stated below. I have given the specifics of the information I am requesting. I understand that some documents, or portions thereof, are subject to non-disclosure under Chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code, Public Information Act, and other state and federal laws. I further understand that a fee may be charged, if applicable.

    I understand that confidential information cannot be released to me and that items detailed on the attached memo will be redacted (removed) if applicable. I also understand that if, after reviewing my request, the Bridgeport Police Department believes that the item(s) responsive to my request contain additional confidential information, an opinion will be sought from the Texas Attorney General. I understand this process typically takes several weeks.
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  3. I understand that, under the Texas Government Public Information Act, 10 business days are allotted to respond to this request. If I have any questions, I may call (940) 683-3430 and ask for the Administrative Supervisor.
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