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Sign Permit Application

  1. Type

  2. Contractor must be registered in the City of Bridgeport.

  3. Description of Work

  4. Will the sign be illuminated?

    If yes, a State License and Electrical Permit is required for electrical sign contractor.

  5. Type of Sign

  6. Sign Permit Fees

    Application Fee (excluding temporary or portable signs) is $25.

    Portable sign that does not require an inspection: $5
    Portable sign that does require an inspection and/or submission of electrical plan: $15

    Temporary Signs - Annual Permit: $0

  7. Permanent Signs

  8. Surface Area - $15 or $.15 per square foot for each display surface, whichever is greater (Square Feet x $.15)

  9. Height / Amps

  10. Fee / Height

  11. Fee / Amps

  12. Fee

  13. 1 - 20

  14. $15

  15. $21

  16. 21 - 30

  17. $30

  18. $21

  19. 31 - 40

  20. $45

  21. $21

  22. 41 - 50

  23. $60

  24. $30

  25. 51 - 60

  26. $75

  27. $30

  28. 61 - 80

  29. $105

  30. $45

  31. 81 - 100

  32. $105

  33. $60

  34. Over 100

  35. $105

  36. $90

  37. Remember to include the application fee if necessary

  38. Sign Requirements

    Temporary Sign Requirements

    • Temporary signs in residential zoning districts shall be erected for a period not to exceed a total of 30 days per calendar year.
    • Temporary signs in nonresidential zoning districts may be erected for a period of 365 days, subject to the issuance of an annual temporary sign permit.
    • Temporary signs may be rotated by a business without obtaining an additional annual permit.
    • Temporary signs shall not exceed 36 square feet per sign face.
    • The maximum permitted height of a temporary sign is 6 feet.
    • No more than one temporary sign shall be permitted or erected for the same business at one time.
    • Temporary signs shall not be illuminated or have any moving elements.
    • Temporary signs shall not be erected or maintained within the visibility triangle or public right-of-way.
    • All temporary signs must remain properly attached and in good physical condition.
    • For a period of up to 60 days following the grand opening of a new business, up to 3 different types of temporary signage may be erected, subject to the issuance of an annual temporary sign permit.
    Permanent Sign Attachments Required
    • A separate permit and 2 sets of drawings are required for each sign. For wall signs, a separate permit application and plans may be submitted for each elevation.
    • Pole or ground signs require a site plan drawn to scale showing location of the sign. Show dimensions and distances to property lines. Pole sign structural drawings must be sealed by a State of Texas Registered Professional Engineer. Monument and ground sign applications must include footing detail.
    • Detailed, dimensional plans of sign showing graphics.
    • Dimensioned building elevation showing sign or signs on building. Show dimensions of height and width of tenant space and or building.

  39. I understand that by submitting the City of Bridgeport’s Sign Permit Application, I am acknowledging that I understand the city’s sign regulations. I also acknowledge that I am aware that if my sign (permanent, portable, or temporary) becomes non-compliant with the city’s sign regulations, I will be subject to code enforcement action, up to and including, removal of my sign or issuance of a citation for failure to repair or remove my sign.

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