Racial Profiling Data

Racial Profiling Data

Analysis of Data for 2019

In 2019, the Police Department recorded a total of 6938 citizen contacts or stops. The overwhelming majority of these contacts were with Caucasians. Caucasians were stopped a total of 5185 times. The second most prevalent stop was with Hispanic or Latinos, who were stopped for a total of 1512 times. Black or African-American citizens were stopped 173 times. The Police Department had 30 contacts with Asians and 38 contacts with Native Americans.

Arrests and Searches

BPD officers searched the violator 270 times, which 120 searches resulted in consent by the violator. The race of the violator was not known in 51 of the 6938 stops.

The number of police contacts with Caucasian, Hispanic, African, Asian, Native American and other drivers and citizens, when compared to the numbers of city and local residents with the same ethnicity, demonstrated that no particular race was over-represented.

The Police Department held several community meetings for our citizens, where we included speakers and material in both English and Spanish language.


The Bridgeport Police Department is committed to collecting accurate police contact data that will assure an on-going evaluation of the department’s practices. This will allow for the citizens of Bridgeport to benefit from professional and courteous service from their police department. In 2020, the Bridgeport Police department will:

  • Provide further racial sensitivity training to its police personnel
  • Conduct training on the Texas Racial Profiling Law
  • Conduct training on the Tier One collection of data with all police personnel
  • Provide for continual public education in regards to the Texas Racial profiling Law
  • Continue conducting community meetings to enhance the relationship between the officers and our minority citizens

Citizens wishing to file an Official Complaint regarding Racial Profiling may contact Chief Stanford directly at sstanford@cityofbridgeport.net or 940-683-3430.