Plat Submittals

Filing of Plat

In addition to all other stipulated requirements, developers shall also submit a digital copy of the plat in AutoCAD DWG (or DXF) and Adobe Systems PDF format on compact disc and shall include all lot, plat, easement, and right-of-way boundaries pertaining to the platted area. On the face of the plat, coordinates shall be shown at two opposing / diagonal corners of the boundary, or those corners most suited to observation using GPS procedures presented in the NAD-83 Texas North Central Zong (4202) US Feet coordinate system. For example:

IRF (Iron Rod Found)
N = 7,123,051.54
E = 2,189,632.24

Geodectic Control Monumentation Network

Additionally, coordinates shown shall be tied to the city's Geodectic Control Monumentation Network (available through the city's GIS Administrator or on the city's website). A note shall be placed on the plat indicating the two control monuments used. For example:

Coordinates shown hereon are projected in NAD-83, Texas North Central Zone (4202) US Feet, and tied to City of Bridgeport Geodectic Control Monument numbers 1 and 3.

#1 Halsell
N = 7,124,136.88
E = 2,196,586.00

#3 Depot
N = 7,123,785.24
E = 2,193,876.82

Basis of Bearing

On the face of the plat, the Basis of Bearing shall be shown and referenced to a document of public record with controlling monuments indicated. Alternatively, if the Basis of Bearing is the NAD-83 Texas North Central Zone (4202) US Feet, a note indicating such shall be placed on the plat and indicate the city control monuments used (as shown above) to establish said bearing.

Closure Calculation Sheet

A closure calculation sheet shall be submitted along with the digital file. The digital file shall verify closure of the tract / lot(s).

(Ordinance 09-23, Section 7 - adopted on June 2, 2009)