Overnight Camping

Overnight camping is permitted on Friday and Saturday evenings. Campers should be aware that water, electricity, and dump stations are not available at this time. Camping will only be permitted in the designated area near the gatehouse providing easy access to the restrooms.

Camping Rules

  • Camping is permitted in designated areas only! Do not camp in the woods or on trails.
  • Campers must observe all daily use park rules.
  • No open fires are permitted. Grills, camp stoves, hibachi grills, etc. are allowed.
  • Remove all personal property and put your trash in refuse containers when leaving.
  • Use toilets properly. Do not throw garbage in toilets!
  • No person shall obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
  • Campers may check in during regular park hours only.
  • All non-camping visitors must leave no later than 2 hours after trails close.
  • Keep noise at a reasonable level. Operate all audio devices so as not to disturb other campers.
  • No fighting or boisterous behavior.
  • No public nudity.
  • Quiet time must be observed between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.
  • Campers are responsible for the actions of all camping party members and any visitors to their campsite.

Pet Rules

  • Pets must be confined or leashed to restrict them to the campsite of the owner.
  • Pets cannot be left unattended. Barking or vicious dogs must be removed from the park.
  • Dogs may be walked on a leash no longer than 6 feet provided they are under control at all times.
  • Pet owners must properly dispose of the animal excrement.

Instructions From Park Employees

  • Everyone must comply with a lawful instruction from a park employee.
  • Everyone must comply with the instructions contained on all park signage.
  • No person may attempt to prevent employees from performing their duties by means of intimidation, physical force, or interference.


Violation of any Northwest Park rule is grounds for eviction. Anyone who is evicted is not entitled to a refund or to return to the park for one year.