Street Construction & Halsell Street Sidewalk

Halsell Street Sidewalk Project 

The Halsell Street Sidewalk Project planning began in the fall of 2013. The Goal of the sidewalk reconstruction project is compliance with Texas Accessibility Standards, improved safety, improved drainage, and revitalization of downtown. The Initial project plan included the reconstruction of the sidewalk pavement and the addition of safety railing on the north and south sides of the 900 and 1000 blocks and the north side of the 1100 block and a partial street paving in the 1000 block as shown on the exhibit.

With effort of the EDC, project plan expanded to include pavement and railing on the south side of 1100 block, the north and south sides of 1200 block, and a small portion of the north and south sides of 1300 block. The project plan has been further expanded with the assistance of the Tax Increment Finance Reinvestment Zone No. 1 and the EDC to include additional lighting, landscaping, irrigation, benches, trash receptacles and other enhancements.

The Main Street Board carefully selected the Stagecoach theme to carry through the enhancements which further represents the City’s pride of being the Stagecoach Capital of Texas.

The Project was placed for bid in November 2014.  No local bids were received. In late March 2015, City selected PaveCon based on their reputation, extensive  construction experience and knowledge, and proposed cost.The notice to proceed was issued on May 4, 2015 and demolition began on May 5, 2015.

The construction contract allows for the Halsell Street portion of the project to be completed in 275 calendar days (February 4, 2016) plus any bad weather days approved by the City.  However, the contractor is not allowed to work on the project from October 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015 so as not to impact any retailers holiday sales.

Halsell Construction Updates

Completed sidewalk construction includes the north and south side of 9th and Halsell Street, north side of 10th and Halsell, north and south side of 11th and Halsell and  the north and south side of 12th and Halsell. Currently, construction has begun on the last block for the south side of 10th and Halsell. Please remember additional parking is available on the additional streets, side streets and behind buildings. The sidewalk construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of July. Concrete paving of Halsell Street from 9th to the middle of 12th street is scheduled to begin June 20th. At that time one-way traffic will be allowed in this area.The landscaping and enhancements to the project are scheduled to begin August or September of 2016. All businesses are open! We want to encourage you to shop, eat and do business in downtown Bridgeport.

17th Street Construction Updates

A new waterline and sewer line are being laid on 17th Street. Construction for the paving of 17th street began May 31st. The estimated timeline for completion is mid August 2016.

Cates Street Construction Updates

Construction on Cates Street from 13th-17 street has been completed. A new waterline and sanitary sewer line were laid, and new concrete street were poured.

12th Street

Construction on 12th-13th Street has been completed. A new waterline and sanitary sewer line were laid, and new concrete street were poured along with sidewalks and landscaping.

For questions on these projects, please call 940-683-3400.