Library Booster Club

Friends of the Library members are those individuals in any community who have a common concern for the welfare of libraries in general and their library in particular. They see the library's potential as a dynamic agency for the continuing education of all people, young and old. They believe that the quality of a library is a revealing image of the concerns and goals of the community that supports it, and they are willing to support this belief by working to improve their library.

What Friends Can Do

Financial help and public relations are areas that offer unlimited opportunities for service by Friends. Here are just a few:

  • Develop citizens' understanding of their library's services by sponsoring silent auctions, book sales, and other fund raisers
  • Increase community awareness and use of the library
  • Stimulate public support through gifts of money, furnishings, memorial gifts, bequests, and endowments
  • Encourage young people toward careers as librarians by publicity and scholarship aid


To join the Friends of the Library, fill out the form or contact the Bridgeport Public Library at (940) 683-3450. Anyone who pays annual dues becomes a Friend, but programs and projects are usually planned by the Board of Directors. Meetings may be held at the board's discretion, with one or more general meetings for all members during the year.


Type Dues
Student Membership $1
Individual Membership $5
Family Membership $10

Contributing Membership

Type Dues
Individual $10 or $15
Business $25 or $50