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1. What is required to turn on water/electric temporarily so that I can clean an empty house or do some maintenance?
2. I want service, but I have a delinquent bill from an old account. How can I get service?
3. Can I turn my water/electric back on myself?
4. My utilities have been cut-off. How do I re-establish service?
5. Why was I not notified in person before my water/electric was cut-off?
6. Why was I asked to bring my lease agreement or home purchase contract with me to setup a water/electric account?
7. Why is my water bill so high this month?
8. Why are my sewer charges higher than my water charges?
9. I paid my bill; why did I receive a disconnect notice?
10. I will not be able to pay my utility bill before the cut-off date. What should I do?